Triple 7’s Blackjack

Triple 7's BlackjackBlackjack fans will like this version of the game from Microgaming with the opportunity to grab the Progressive jackpot. The standard blackjack rules apply but you have to make a mandatory $1.00 triple 7?s side bet.

You of course play to beat the dealer on 21 but the real objective of this version is to get consecutive 7?s. There are 5 decks of cards which are re-shuffled after every game so the 7?s are there!

The rewards for 7?s are as follows

  • Two consecutive 7?s of mixed suits wins seven credits
  • Two consecutive 7?s of the same suit wins fifty credits
  • Three consecutive 7?s of mixed suits wins two hundred and fifty credits
  • Three consecutive 7?s of the same suit wins one thousand credits
  • Three consecutive 7?s of diamonds and you win the Progressive jackpot

It is worth noting that even if you lose against the dealer on 21 you still win your credits on 7?s

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There?s More To Play Than Blackjack

Bingo ChatMost people start online gaming by playing a number of different games in demo mode on a few different sites and gradually find their game of choice ? the one they keep coming back to and that holds their attention for the longest.

If you’re at a blackjack site, then you probably think you’ve already made your choice, but there’s always room to play other games, even if you don’t take them as seriously as your preferred game. For example, you could play free games like free bingo just for a bit of a change.

You might never have played online bingo because of negative associations with the original game of bingo, played in the bingo halls all over the world. True, that kind of bingo attracted a certain reputation and a certain crowd. For non-players, the appeal was difficult to see as you had to be so quiet while numbers were marked off and any chatting was frowned upon.

But now, when you play bingo online, the game looks after itself. You simply buy your card, or cards, and then watch the numbers being called out and see the cards being marked off by the computer software. It’s exciting, because the win could come to you at any time. But while you’re watching the game unfold, you?re free to spend time chatting to other players in the bingo chat rooms. Online bingo attracts both men and women of all ages, so the chat rooms are really social hotspots. There’s always plenty of banter going on, but if you do find a kindred spirit, you can have a separate conversation through private messaging ? a facility provided on most bingo chat rooms.

Of course, there’s more than chatting to do when you’ve got a game of bingo on, you could even let your bingo games play through without you, while you play other games at the same time that do need your concentration ? like blackjack!

Give Yourself An Edge In Blackjack

Picking up an edge in blackjack is not easy. Unlike poker, you don?t have as much information to read before you make your decision, therefore a lot of depends on instinct at the table.

The one thing though that has been proven to be useful in relation to success in the game is card counting. This is the ability to remember as many of the cards that have gone before you as possible. It is a difficult skill to master, however, the more your practice, the better you become at it.

The problem a lot of new blackjack players have is they have an imagine of card counting as having a photographic a mind where you remember every last details that has gone by. This is not the case, and it would be very difficult for even the best players in the world to identify all the cards that have gone by. Fans of blackjack should remember this.

Instead, card counting is about remembering small but important details. For example, if you can recall that there has been a series of high numbers recently from the pack, you may be more inclined to twist on a middle total such as 14. Of course there is no guarantee that a low number will come out, but you would be concerned about twisting if there had been a run of low numbers before this hand. Bear this in mind when playing in an online casino UK.

When you first look to pick up the skill, be realistic with the number of cards you will aim to remember as a target. The past five cards is a good starting point, you can then gradually increase that number as you get better at counting the past cards.

Gaming Widow Winners

Has your other half taken to poker or blackjack in a really big way? Does he move mountains to get to the nearest roulette table and constantly have a game on the go on his laptop and even his mobile phone? If this sounds familiar then welcome to the club ? you’re officially a gaming widow.

Don't be a gaming widowBut hey, this is not all bad news! You may enjoy a bit of time to yourself to play online bingo once in a while, but if his habit has escalated to a whole other level then as long as he is winning you are in for some great benefits. What starts out as an online pastime can quickly move into the real world if your man gets invited to big money games in person. Casino tournaments often take place in glamorous locations so pack your case, put on your sunglasses and get ready to check out the spa and the pool while he focuses on his game.

Another reason to tolerate his obsession is the pay off for you: how can he refuse your requests to head off out with the girls or hit the shops for some retail therapy when he is locked into his card games all the time? And who knows ? you may even get a share of his winnings to treat yourself with too: guilty husband equals open wallet syndrome is not to be ignored.

And finally, if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em! Women have a proven track record of success playing poker and blackjack so why not try your hand at the tables, virtual or in real time, and see how you get on. You are definitely not at a disadvantage and all his talk dissecting recent games may even have taught you a thing or too. Imagine his face if you turn out to be a better player than him!

Blackjack: Splitting Tens

Splitting TensOne of the most exciting ? and daunting ? experiences at the Blackjack table is when the dealer hands you a pocket pair. Let us talk about the daunting feeling first.

Unless you are a hardened gambler, the thought of doubling your outlay on a single bet can sometimes be a worrying one.

Luckily, for most players, the added incentive of the potential for a double windfall eases that worry slightly.

Either way, it is an exciting time, so let us have a look at the act of splitting pocket pairs, as we concentrate on pocket tens.

Splitting pocket tens is not a very profitable play, and this is because your score of 20 is mathematically more likely to beat the dealer. The dealer would have to draw Blackjack to beat you, or draw a 20 for the split.

So, for the recreational player, it is always better to stand on pocket tens. The card counter does have a slight advantage if they know that the deck is loaded with high cards, but this is still the far riskier play than just simply standing.

20 is one of the strongest hands you can ever hold in Blackjack, so, when you receive pocket tens, you have already reached your goal of drawing either 21 or a hand as close to 21 as possible.

If you are playing at a table where you notice someone splitting pocket tens, then it is safe to assume that they are a recreational player.

You are not playing against the player but their actions still have a direct impact on the cards you receive.

For some players, this does not matter but for others it can drive them insane, as the recreational player splits pocket tens and picks up a card that would have made you 21, should they have stood on their original 20.

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Females in Poker

Liv Boeree, Vanessa Selbst and Vanessa Rousso

Poker is an equal opportunities game and while there may be more men at the felt than women, there?s certainly nothing stopping some women from profiting in the game. Indeed, some of the most talented players in the world are women which demonstrates that, unlike most sports, poker isn?t divided by gender.

Players such as Liv Boeree, Vanessa Selbst and Vanessa Rousso have not only proven themselves by winning million of dollars in the careers but by being students of the game; there is not one small detail they will not know about strategies and Texas holdem rules. All three are university graduates and have applied themselves to learning the art and skill of poker.

Above and beyond their capacity for playing cards, the trio have become ambassadors for the game and inspired women across the globe to learn poker.

While many women will feel intimidated at the felt by their male counterparts, the opposite is in fact true. Many male players now respect the women they face because they understand that it?s much tougher for a woman to break into the big time. Therefore, on that basis, they are much more likely to be strong player and someone to avoid playing against.

It?s true that women are a minority in the poker industry but that doesn?t mean they are the weaker sex. Indeed, some of the best players into the world are female and with more and more rising to the top it won?t be long before parity reigns in the world of bluffs, bets and bad beats.

Let it Ride

Let it Ride BlackjackThe game of Blackjack has been available in online casinos since their conception. It is one of the few games where a decent knowledge of conventional blackjack strategy can reduce the house edge to a 50/50 split and one of the reasons why it is so popular. Whenever you have a game worth a flutter, perhaps at a Live Casino, someone will design a betting system for you to use, and Blackjack is no different.

One such betting system used at the Blackjack tables is called Let it Ride. Let it Ride is a positive progression betting system similar to the famous Martingale system. It’s one of the oldest forms of betting systems in operation and takes its form from the same concepts that banks use to compound interest. Let it Ride is often used in horse racing betting as well as Blackjack.

Here is the Let it Ride system in action?

You are a high roller and are playing at a $50-1000 limit table and you start by playing $1000 per hand. You are having a lucky night and start off by being dealt Blackjack immediately while playing for $1000 per hand. At odds of 3:2 you receive $1500 profit along with your original stake. You now have $2500 as a result of that bet and so you now: Let it Ride!

You could try to test your success at the system on the Live Dealer Blackjack, but you need to remember that this betting system is not for the faint-hearted and it will keep you on the edge of your seat all night long. In order to keep a modicum of control it is often prudent to select a stop-loss or profit target in advance of your session as this will make sure that you don?t get too carried away with all the excitement of Let it Ride!

What Factors Influence The Value Of Our Hand?

What Factors Influence The Value Of Our Hand

If we were playing poker against Pete the Passive Poker Player then it wouldn?t really matter if we were holding pocket aces or seven-deuce off suit. So what are the factors that influence the value of our hand?

Card Rankings

We may seem a little contradictory here, but if you wasn?t playing against Pete the Passive Poker Player all of the time then card ranking is very important when determining the value of your hand. Quite simply you will never fold pocket aces pre flop but would rarely open with seven-deuce off suit.

How Good Are You?

If you are an excellent poker player then you can play more hands against your weaker opponents. If you are not very good at poker then you need to be playing fewer hands against better opponents. Therefore your hand values change dependent on your own personal skill level when compared to the skill levels of the players in your game.

Table Dynamics

There are a wide variety of different situations that may be present on the table that will affect your hand values. A good example is when you find yourself in a game against a short stack specialist. Against these types of players you have a pretty good understanding of what their shoving hand range will look like and therefore this will influence the value of the hands you choose to play against this type of opponent.