Live Casinos to Play Blackjack

Where to Play Live Blackjack

live casinos to play blackjackPlaying blackjack is always thrilling and exciting, but only live blackjack gives us the opportunity to feel that true atmosphere of risk and adventure, the atmosphere of real cards and the casino tables. Where to play live blackjack? Nowadays many of the online casinos provide players with a live dealer to play with. You are free to select download or no download version of blackjack. It is not required to install any special software to enjoy your favourite game. Just connect to the Internet and have a wonderful time with live dealer and other players.

If you are not ready to risk it, you can easily just play for fun, offered in most of the casinos. Otherwise, you are welcome to play blackjack for money and to increase your profit while a having good time.

You may also be interested in the variations of live blackjack. Firstly, you can choose between Game View or Casino View. The Game View will increase your impression of reality and will allow you to feel the interaction between players. Casino View will suit the players that have a slower internet connection.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

live blackjack gamesLive blackjack games include Single Seat Blackjack and Early Payout Blackjack. According to the rules of the first type, you have your own cards and should not share them with other players.

Blackjack with Early Payout game enables you to perform the cash out with the help of the Basic Strategy. This means that you are allowed to stop the game and take your winnings, or continue playing. Moreover, the money prizes in these games are usually higher.

Live Casino Blackjack Bonus

The most beneficial bonus offered is no deposit welcome bonus. New players are presented with an opportunity to try several live casino games and to choose the most appropriate one without depositing money. The advantage of some casinos is that they give you the opportunity to play with free cash. Remember that special bonuses in many live casinos depend on the means of payment that you used to deposit. Unfortunately, not all live casinos accept USA players so you should pay attention to that before you decide to try the game.

Playing live blackjack is as easy as playing online and as exciting as real casino. It is available for everyone!

Why Online Blackjack Tournaments Are So Popular

Blackjack Tournaments

Online casino blackjack tournaments are popular with card players across the globe, for several reasons.

The tournament games have an added dimension and thrill to them because you?re actually testing your online blackjack strategies and skills against a host of other players too, not just the dealer. This makes the games a lot more exciting for most online casino players.

Most blackjack tournaments online are pretty straightforward and simple, but some players are still somewhat intimidated and apprehensive when it comes to entering them. This is especially true for those who are new to the online version of the game.

When playing basic games of blackjack, how much you lose or win basically comes down to how well you play against the dealer. This is really the only other person you?re playing and competing against. However, when it comes to an online tournament setting, there?s actually increased competition because you now also have to win more than the other players.

Tournaments that are held for money will usually require you to pay an entry fee or you may be able to use some accumulated bonus points at your online casino. You?ll find that you can enter some tournaments for free though. After entering an online blackjack tournament, each of the players will be assigned a table where they will play at and will also receive the same amount of playing chips.

The tournaments generally consist of a certain number of online blackjack hands or they may have a specific time period attached to them. The players that have accumulated the most chips after each round will then advance to the tournament?s next stage while others will be eliminated from the event. The tournaments continue until the last round, which features the top players with the most chips. Whoever has won the most chips at the end of the online blackjack tournament will be declared the winner.

Written by Alex, a keen player of casino games including blackjack. She also regularly tries playing bingo and her new favourite site is

Simple But Helpful Online Blackjack Tips

Blackjack TipsBlackjack is one of the simplest and most popular types of online casino games out there. Even though there are a few different variations of the game, the basics are more or less the same.

There are a lot of different strategies used by players, but everybody has their own style of playing. Whether you?re a newcomer to online blackjack or a seasoned pro, there are some tips that might help you out.

  • Learn the rules of all the online blackjack games you?re going to play. You should then practice and play for free before you?re comfortable with the idea of playing for real money.
  • You should come up with a playing limit or budget and make sure you stick with it. You?re going to have good days and bad days so know when to call it a day.
  • Check out all of the online tournaments, promotions, and bonuses that are offered at various online casinos. This will help you get the most out of your money.
  • It?s important that you don?t give out any of your personal account information to anybody that you don?t know and trust.
  • Try to learn all of the terms related to the online blackjack games so you understand what?s happening during the action.
  • Withdraw at least half of your winnings after you win a big amount. This will help stop you from playing it right away and you?ll leave the game with some winnings.
  • Try to get your cards as close to 21 as possible instead of trying to beat the dealer. If the dealer has a high card showing don?t let it distract you.
  • Don?t forget about betting cycles in online blackjack. You should bet more when you?re winning and less when you?re losing.
  • Remember, online blackjack favours the dealer. If you both go over 21, you lose.
  • If the dealer has to take a card on hands that are 16 and lower, you won?t win with less than 17 unless the dealer goes over 21.
  • Remember that an ace can be used as either one point or 11 points.
  • If your cards total 10 or lower you should take another card as you won?t be in jeopardy of busting. The most you can get is an ace to total 21, which of course is what you?re aiming to do.

Written by Alex, a blackjack aficionado who enjoys blogging about her casino experiences. She loves detailing her wins and losses for the amusement and entertainment of others!

Playing Live Blackjack Online

Online casinos are swarming the Internet and they are setting the latest trend in gambling.

In the comfort of their own houses, gamblers are able to enjoy the same casino experience as they would if they travel to Las Vegas.

Online casinos are not just limited to playing versus a program but you can also play against other people.

A lot of games have been incorporated in online casinos ever since. The first among these games were roulette and blackjack.

When you have already signed up at a trustworthy online casino site, the next thing you have to do is find a blackjack game and enter a blackjack room.

When you have successfully joined a game, you will see a table in your computer screen, the bet, and cards laid on the table. You will see the dealer on the screen as well.

Using headphones and a reliable Internet connection, you can interact with other players, hear them speak, yell and laugh. The experience would be as if you are playing in a brick and mortal casino.

In most online casino, single deck blackjack games aren?t included in their game line-up since the profit obtained by the casino in a single deck game is lower compared to how much it would earn from a multi deck blackjack game.

This is also the case in a brick and mortar casino. Other online casinos are clever enough to put certain modifications in the rules of a single deck black jack and only then would they provide the facility to play the game online.

Given that blackjack is such an exciting game, players tend to bet by impulse just to win the game. Their bets go higher and higher after each losing round. This gambling behaviour is sure to take toll on their bankroll. Players must keep calm while gambling so that they do not go over their limits.

Written by Alex Corcoran, a fan of blackjack and live roulette.

Top Blackjack Tips

If you are determined to win a blackjack game, here are a few tips you might want to apply every time you go to a brick and mortar casino, or online, in order to play a good old game of blackjack.

First, you need to start with the basic strategy. Follow it and play the game with it and remember it by heart.

Hunches and taking risks make a blackjack game more exciting but don’t forget that blackjack is a game of math; winning can be due to absolute reasons and not luck.

Leave your superstitions at the door and play the game rationally and logically. Do the mathematical strategy of winning the game and do it with absolute subtlety. Never doubt the maths ? it always works.

Next, observe the tables and the players. Find a table that seems enjoyable, relaxing and composed of people who are focused in the game.

Don’t play with drunken people because they will just distract you and ruin your game. Make sure the players you join in are those who are capable of making a fast-paced game to increase your chances of earning and winning within a particular amount of time.

Do not sit with mean and arrogant players if you can’t handle the pressure they’re willing to bring on to you ? they too will destroy your concentration.

If possible, do not take insurance, or a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack. The house edge for insurance bets is extremely high and it would just take a toll on your bankroll.

Unless you are card counting, you can be sure you’ll make a winning bet. Otherwise, it’s not advisable.

Tipping the dealer is also a good practice in laying a blackjack game. A friendly dealer makes a game more enjoyable.

By tipping them, they will stay that way or if they aren’t at the beginning, they might start to loosen up. Some players’ strategy is to take advantage of dealer tells and if you tip your dealer well, he or she might reward you with more obvious tells.

Written by Alex Corcoran, a fan of blackjack online and casino games.