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UK Bingo and Blackjack Are More Similar Then You May Think

Both Games Are Based Around Luck

When playing a game of UK bingo, the aim of the game is to be the first person to make a certain pattern with the called numbers in order to win the game. When playing a game of online blackjack, the aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Both of these are based around luck.
In a game of blackjack you are not allowed to see what the next card is, you have to take a chance and say ?hit? to accept it. Without you seeing what the next cards are you are solely going based on luck, even when you first start the game and you receive your first 2 cards; this is based on luck as you have no say on which cards you will receive.
In a game of bingo you buy tickets into a game and then a caller calls out numbers at random, you then mark these called numbers on your bingo cards. You have no say on which number will be called next nor does the bingo caller. Again this is then a game based on luck.

Easy to Master

Unlike Poker, both bingo and blackjack are easy to master and you are usually on to your way at becoming a novice just after a few games. Both versions of gambling have few rules each so anyone who wishes to try gambling for the first time is advice either to try blackjack or bingo.


Bingo is a huge social sport and the game used to be based entirely on socialising when it was huge in UK bingo clubs. Playing on online bingo sites you still get the chat rooms where you can talk which still makes the game social.
Blackjack, even though not many people associated the game will socialising as some players tend to like peace and quiet while they think it is still a social sport. Especially for professionals, the rules are not hard to master, so once you know how to play the game you are free to talk to other players, even online you get chat rooms just the same as online bingo.

They Are Not Classed as Gambling

Believe it or not but both UK bingo and UK blackjack are not gambling on their own. It is only when you add something to wager that the games become gambling. But come on, would you log on your computer and start playing for fun? More than likely, you are in it for the money.

Maximise Potential Returns

So, you have two face cards. With a total of 20, you stand pat, right?

Maybe not. There are plenty of people who would be looking to maximise their potential return.
Splitting is something you can only do after you receive your two cards, and can only be done with identical cards. They don?t have to be completely identical, i.e. two queens of diamonds, just the same rank.

The player has to place a second bet, identical to the first, next to the original wager and the dealer splits the two cards to create a second hand.

Rules of splitting include that there are no blackjacks. If you draw a queen on top of an ace, it?s 21 and not blackjack so you could still end up not winning.

Another standard rule is that if you split aces, you only get one additional card for each split hand.
Just occasionally, you?ll be able to really make the most of your hand by re-splitting. If the cards of a post-split hand are also the same value, you can usually split them again and place a further wager on the new hand.

To take the first example, of drawing two picture cards, the best advice is to stick at 20, regardless of what the dealer holds. You have a good chance of winning with that hand, whereas you don?t know what you would get with the split hand.

There is an almost universal rule: always split aces and eights. Because of the number of picture cards in a deck, your chances of getting 21 with your split hands is pretty good.
Eights are split not because they have great potential of winning, but because 16 is a lousy total to play with.

There are tables available online that can teach you when to split, when to stick and when to hit. It?s useful to memorise these guidelines if you?re playing in a physical casino, whereas you can always have them open in another window when you?re playing online.

Written by Alex Corcoran, online bingo fan, gaming expert and online features writer, specialising in casino games such as poker, craps and Blackjack.

Playing Online Roulette

One of the beauties of playing roulette online is that you get the chance to play the game at your own pace, under your own terms.

A lot of people who enjoy the game used to get frustrated in real world casinos because of various factors.
For a start, it is sometimes hard to get a seat at a busy table. No such worries in an online casino, you will never have to wear out shoe leather pacing around the table waiting for a spot to open up.

At a busy table in an offline casino, there can be so many people around that you can only reach a small part of the roulette cloth to place your bets. Your lucky numbers might be 2, 5, 7 and 9 but if you?re sat at the furthest end of the table from the wheel, you just might not be able to place any chips on those numbers.
In an online casino, you can place any amount of chips on any number or combination, so it takes away that problem.

Real world casinos, if they are busy, can be quite boring. It can take a croupier quite a while between spins to pay out winners, scoop away losing chips, change money into chips and all the other tasks they have.
Playing online, the speed of the game is entirely down to you. If you want to have five spins per minute, that?s no problem. Equally, if you need to take a bathroom break or your favourite TV programme is just about to start, you can leave everything just where it is and come back to the same point.

That means you don?t have to worry, as in a land-based casino, that while you were gone for a couple of minutes, your two favourite numbers came up. Nothing would be more frustrating.

Written by Alex Corcoran, traveller, blogger, and gamer who loves to play bingo in her increasingly infrequent spare time.

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