Give Yourself An Edge In Blackjack

Picking up an edge in blackjack is not easy. Unlike poker, you don?t have as much information to read before you make your decision, therefore a lot of depends on instinct at the table.

The one thing though that has been proven to be useful in relation to success in the game is card counting. This is the ability to remember as many of the cards that have gone before you as possible. It is a difficult skill to master, however, the more your practice, the better you become at it.

The problem a lot of new blackjack players have is they have an imagine of card counting as having a photographic a mind where you remember every last details that has gone by. This is not the case, and it would be very difficult for even the best players in the world to identify all the cards that have gone by. Fans of blackjack should remember this.

Instead, card counting is about remembering small but important details. For example, if you can recall that there has been a series of high numbers recently from the pack, you may be more inclined to twist on a middle total such as 14. Of course there is no guarantee that a low number will come out, but you would be concerned about twisting if there had been a run of low numbers before this hand. Bear this in mind when playing in an online casino UK.

When you first look to pick up the skill, be realistic with the number of cards you will aim to remember as a target. The past five cards is a good starting point, you can then gradually increase that number as you get better at counting the past cards.

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